Vision & Mission

The MES Medical College is the end of an arduous trek of a once beleaguered community from the womb of ignorance, illiteracy and ignominy. Leaving aside the horrors of 1921, the partition of minds in 1947, we hold our hands with the brethren of our fraternal communities and march forward into a new dawn of scientific temper and secular ethos.

Our vanguard is the great teachers who have taught us the timeless values of knowledge, love and compassion. For these achievements, we shower our thanksgiving only to the Master of the Universe GOD ALMIGHTY.

Our inspiration is the great helmsman, Dr. PK Abdul Ghafoor and his band of community leaders who inspired us to success.

From the portals of this great institution

Let sally forth healers, leaders, teachers and philanthropists of this community and nation.
Let this institution mother, foster and nurture many in the service of mankind. May the future generations view this seat of learning as the Academy, the lyceum and the Cordova of enlightenment.
Let us recognize our common blood, break our shackles, and bind our wounds and build a new heritage from here to eternity.

Lead us to light, our Lord and Preserver.


The mission of MES Medical College Hospital is to make available the highest quality of health services and facilities for the community, to give wellness to all, to relieve pain and restore health as speedily and safely and as humanely as is possible regardless of age, gender or creed with competent and innovative services as well as with human care and respect and educate the people on prevention of illness and thus help them be healthy always.

MES Academy of Medical Sciences

Valanchery - Nilambur Road, Palachode Post, Malaparamba, Perinthalmanna, Kolathur, Malappuram, Kerala 679321, India

Phone: +91 4933 298300, 333, 444 |

Admission Direct Lines: +91 4933 298310 | Admission Direct Lines: +91 4933 298310

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