Dental College

The MES Academy of Medical Sciences was founded on 24 April 2003 as a tribute to Honor the contributions of the late.Dr.P.K. Abdul Ghafoor, a visionary who was unequalled as a Philanthropist, whose principal aim was to uplift the downtrodden strata of Muslims in this Country by providing better educational facilities for them.

A state of the art general hospital with many specialties in modern medicine was founded in 2003 with facilities to accommodate 500 patients.

In 2004 MES Medical College was set up with an annual intake of 100 students. MES Nursing College soon followed with fifty admissions and another twenty students for the nursing certificate course.

The MES Dental College was started in the year in the 2007 and five batches of students have already joined this institution. The presence of a well equipped and staffed parental Medical College in the same campus is an added advantage which many other Dental Colleges do not have. The MES has already stamped its signature in the field of education. With the vision and vast experience of MES in the field of education and the dedication of the faculty, the MES Dental College is well set for a giant leap. We have a steady inflow of patients to this college and this offers sufficient clinical exposure to the students. The dedicated team of faculty is committed to provide quality education to the students and treatment to the patients.