Radio Diagnosis and Sonology

The Department of Radiology at MES Medical College Hospital is dedicated to high quality medical imaging and their accurate interpretations to enable quick diagnosis. It provides comprehensive services in both diagnostic and interventional radiology with advanced technology performed by highly qualified, dedicated and compassionate staff and an expert team of Radiologists, who believe in despatching reports at the earliest, to ensure error-free diagnosis for prompt treatment and follow-up. All emergency cases are most promptly attended to. CT and ultrasound guided interventional procedures are carried out routinely by the expert hands of highly experienced radiologists.

The Department annually performs approximately 1,00,000 imaging procedures for in-patients, out patients and Emergency Department patients.

Facilities available

  • MRI (1.5 Telsa (TIM + DOT) with Spectroscopy .
  • High speed multi slice computed tomography (CT). We have automated the function of contrast study by the newly introduced Duel head Pressure Injector replacing the manual procedure thereby ensuring maximum accuracy.
  • Computed Mammography
  • 800 MA High frequency X – Ray (Including CR).
  • Fluoroscopy.
  • High resolution colour Doppler & Ultrasonography.
  • Digital Flouroscopy .
  • Tele Radiology.
  • Interventional Radiology.

Studies like Perfusion study, MR Arthrogram, CSF flow study , Spectroscopy ,wholebody diffusion ,MR Mammogram etc can be precisely done in the MRI equipment in our Hospital thereby enabling the doctor to assess the gravity of malignancy,soft tissue infiltration , screening metastasis etc.All these  investigations at very low  cost .