Anaesthesiology & Critical Care

The department of Anaesthesiology   and critical care of MES Medical college Hospitalis providing  24 x 7 excellent anaesthetic  support with  latest state of the art anaesthetic Equipmentsand hemodynamic monitoring systems to enable successful performance  of  all types of critical surgical procedures.We have a dedicated OT to neurosurgery where all types of neurosurgery cases are being performed.Work is in progress and soon Transplant & cardiac and thoracicsurgery too will be starting in near future. It offers expert pre operative evaluation, post operative care, pain relief for chronic disease and painless  labour. The department also provides advanced anaesthesiology services for Vascular surgery, Joint replacement, Onco surgery, Neuro surgery, Uro surgery and Plastic surgery. Our surgical ICU is managed by specially trained intensive  care and nursing staff utilising latest model ventilators and monitoring  devices.

We have post graduate seats in anesthesia both in degree and Diploma.Our PG’s get excellent clinical work exposure.




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