Oto Rhino laryngology (ENT)

The ENT department offers comprehensive ENT care under one roof. The department is provided with modern facilities, to treat spacing to be made normal patients presenting with simple to complicated Otorhinolaryngology and head and neck diseases. The outpatient department runs specialty clinics viz; VERTIGO CLINIC and HEAD ACHE CLINIC .The out patient department offers nasal endoscopy and otomicroscopy facility. A dual room with sound treated audiometry setup compliments the facility in ENT OPD. Pure tone Audiometry, Speech Audiometry , Impedance Audiometry and Acoustic reflex threshold measurements are a few of the tests performed in the Audiology unit. The department is adept in handling voice and speech fluency disorders as well. We also conduct Articulation Therapy for patients with pronunciation deficit and Auditory Verbal therapy for hearing impaired children. In voice therapy we provide exercises for laryngitis , Puberphonia ,Vocal nodules .All these procedures help to improve the quality of speech and voice .

Assisted with the latest ZEISS MOVENA microscope, the consultants manage complex oto- neurological case surgeries. The operation theatres are well equipped with nasal endoscopes and CCTV facility, for teaching purposes. Xomed Microdebriders augment the surgical armamentarium for Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries. (FESS). Microlaryngeal surgeries are performed routinely using high end microscopes and video laryngoscopic instrumentation. Head and Neck surgeries, thyroid surgeries for benign and malignant lesions are performed on a routine basis.