A society that dreamt of success but lost its way in utter darkness was badly in need of a navigator to drive them into the light of knowledge. The elementary lessons that lead to wisdom, that knowledge is power were unknown to society. The untiring efforts of a visionary group helped the society to step out to the path of wisdom. This unique set of people aspired for the overall development of a community and struggled against great odds to navigate them towards the mainstream of life.

The Muslim Educational Society, established in 1964 achieved a remarkable transformation in the educational status of Muslim and other backward communities. It was a socially committed and timely venture of a group of intellectuals led by Dr. P.K. Abdul Ghafoor, the Founder President of the Muslim Educational Society who dedicated his life for an educational revolution and pledged to keep the lamp of knowledge aloft to illuminate the life of a society.

Before the inception of MES, Muslims were extremely backward and lacked sufficient educational institutions and other amenities for learning. The herculian efforts made by the Muslim Educational society in conducting Seminars, Symposia and awareness meets throughout the length and breadth of the state of Kerala drastically altered the outlook of the Society and their attitude towards education in particular.And thus there emerged in the year 1964 this great organization, when the Muslim Educational Society was registered under the Charitable Societies Registration Act 1860 (Central Act XXI of 1860) under Regn. No. 54/1964. The Registered office of the MES (Regd) Calicut is at IMA Hall Road, Nadakkavu, Calicut and has an approved bye-law.  The most prominent aims and objectives of the Society as laid down in the Bye-laws  are to work for the Educational, Social, Cultural and Economic advancement of the people of India, especially Muslims and other backwards in all possible ways.

Then started the great saga of the mass movement for the uplift of the Muslim and backward Communities in Kerala. The subsequent years saw a radical overhaul of the educational field that was till then the privilege of a select few – the rich and the urbanites. There started the process of establishing a series of educational institutions under the banner of the Muslim Educational Society  throwing open the doors of      those institutions to the poor and the needy living till then  miserably throughout the length and breadth of Kerala. While choosing the locale for each of its educational institution, the MES was very particular to ensure that it was at very remote and under-developed villages mainly in the backward and rural segments of the districts with a view to bring education in front of the door steps of the unfortunate poor  and the  deprived  living in those areas, ignoring their financial viability. This is a rare phenomenon that MES alone ventured to experiment for the sake of eradicating illiteracy and poverty. Now this great institution has grown and spread into a vast horizon, running more than 150 institutions including Medical, Dental, Nursing Colleges, Engineering & Architect Colleges, State Syllabus & CBSE Schools, etc  where 80000 students are studying for various courses and 15,000 employees serve for a great and humane cause. It is a matter of  pride for MES that Now the Society has more than 20,000 members and 1 lakh sympathizers.

During the initial years, the Society’s main projects were for running the educational institutions alone. But as the years passed by, the need for stepping into the arena of social welfare, Health Care was also felt for ensuring the Muslims their due share in the society. The scheme of awarding scholarships to the deserving students was its first such prioritised programme and it was a great success as there were tremendous response from the community and the well-wishers. Then the Society started diversifying its activities into new spheres and the Organization gradually extended its activities to all the districts of Kerala. As the MES was devoid of any political links, people from all walks of like joined its fold and very soon it became a major platform for all sections of Muslims to take up social welfare activities and start educational institutions.

Truly, MES has now become a Mass Movement – a movement committed for the benefit and development of the whole community. At the same time, it is an embodiment of   communal harmony always treating other communities as their brethren and helping them also in alleviating poverty and backwardness. MES has a deep-rooted secular view. MES has received wide acclaim from all leaders of various communities and political leaders in its charismatic and professional way of functioning and in its mass appeal amidst the community, without giving room for any controversies. It is worthwhile to remember here that in the All India MES National Conferences, former Prime Ministers of India, late Indira Gandhi and late Rajiv Gandhi had participated and praised the Society’s unselfish and devoted services to the poor and the drown-trodden.

7th All India Conference was attended by Smt. Indira Gandhi in 1984. In the All India Conference held at Delhi also Smt. Indira Gandhi was our honored Guest.  In the MES Silver Jubilee Celebrations held in1989, Mohammed Ali Clay, the world Boxing Champion was the Chief Guest of Honors. MES believes that this MANTLE of service that they now carry shall be further passed on from generation to generation.


cover pageTo engage in charitable and social service activities of every kind to help the poor and backward sections of the Society is the paramount mission of the MES Charitable activities of MES have always been devoted for the cause of the extremely poor and the needy. Our charitable activities include providing shelter to the homeless, free treatment and surgery to poor patients, free education for their children, adoption of schools run in the coastal areas exclusively for the children of the fishermen, providing opportunity for self-employment to the poor and the like.

Over the years, MES has provided financial assistance to innumerable people affected by various natural calamities and misfortunes at various places in the country. Here it is worthy of special  mention that  in the recent past, a  highly competent medical team consisting of doctors, staff nurse and other allied paramedical staff  from MES Medical College, Perinthalmanna, was deputed to the riot hit Assam and Musafar Nagar  to give immediate medical care to thousands of people  living in  concentration camps in that state.